Scents I to Z

Iced Tea Twist: Lemon, Orange, Tea Leaves, Sugar (also called Southern Sweet Tea).

Island Kiss:  Blend of Magnolia, Peach, Hibiscus, Musk Compared to: Escada

Juniper Breeze:

Kentish Rain:

Laundromat:  top notes of tangy lemon, mandarin orange, mountain air, and cotton blossoms;  followed by middle notes of sheer violet, sweet cyclamen, dew kissed lilies, and pink jasmine;  sitting on base notes of soothing sandalwood.


Lemon Sugar:  Blend of Italian Lemon Ice, Sugar, Ginger Flowers

Lemongrass Green Tea:


Lily of the Valley:  The classic scent of delicate lily of the valley blooms in a Victorian setting. Light as air with a hint of powder

Little Black Dress:


Lunar Eclipse:

Magnolia in Bloom:  Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit, Freesia, Hyacinth, Tuberose, Magnolia, Plum and Lily, White Musk and Vanilla Bean.

Mahogany Teakwood:

Mango Coconut:

Mayan Gold: Patchouli, Plumeria, Sweet Orange.

MidSummer’s Night Type: Blend of Lime, Lavender, Lily, Patchouli.  Comparable to: Yankee.

Mulled Cider:  strong base notes of ripened apples and oakmoss,  made spectacular with a complex blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, orange zests, lemon peel, and a touch of  tart lychee berries and coumarin.

Musk: Musk

Nag Champa: Blend of Hay and Patchouli, Blend of Citrus, Sandalwood, and Lavender. Named for Indian incense.  Compared to: Lancome 

New Born Baby:  Rose, Geranium, Ylang, orange, sandalwood, musk and powder

Night Blooming Jasmine Type:  Smells like the BBW Night Blooming Jasmine

Oakmoss Sandalwood:  Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Cedarwood, Lemon, Petigrain

Oatmeal, Milk and Honey: Blend of Oatmeal, Milk, Honey and Almond

Odor Neutralizing Seaside Cotton: Sea Spray, Bright Cotton, White Thyme, Rosemary Leaf, Spanish Moss, Vetiver Grass, Light Spearmint, Musk.  Odor Neutralizing Fragrance Oils contain a harmless ingredient that reacts with other molecules, making them less offensive and odorless and increasing their weight so they literally fall out of the air. The fallen molecules evaporate without a trace, taking the offensive odors with them. The remaining scent is the aromatic fragrance oil.

Orange, Cinnamon & Clove:

Orchid & Pink Amber:

Passionate Kisses:


Pink Sugar Type:  Cotton Candy, Musk and jasmine.

Pomegranate Cider:

Powder Puff:

P.S. I Love You: Sparkling Citrus, Neroli, Orchid, Jasmine, Romantic Rose, Amber, Musk

Pumpkin Crunch Cake: The aroma of creamy pumpkin pie filling with rich eagle brand milk; surrounded with freshly baked yellow cake, melted butter, pecans, and hints of spice.

Pumpkin Lager:

Pure Amber:  Sheer petals enveloped in creamy musk and warming golden amber.

Pure Rain: Blend of Lime, Mint, Hyacinth Compared to: Lever 2000

Rainforest:  Jasmine, Florals, Citrus, Light Woods

Reindeer Poo:  begins with top notes of apples and pears; followed by middle notes of eucalyptus, pine, and geranium; and well-balanced with base notes of vanilla, cedarwood, and patchouli.  We believe that the bubbly top notes coincide with the feeling children have when they see Santa's reindeer magically flying through the sky. 

Rice Flower & Shea:

Romance Type:  Blend of Jasmine, Melon, Rose, Musk and Woods.  Comparable to Ralph Lauren.



Sandalwood Vanilla:

Sands of Morocco: Blend of Carnation, Sandalwood, and Musk 

Saucy Santa:

Sea Salt & Driftwood:

Sexy Beast:

Sexy Sandalwood:  Blend of Sandalwood, Musk, Amber, Patchouli, Cinnamon. 

Shea & Coconut: fresh shavings of delicate coconut blended with scattered tiny grains of sensual sandalwood and topped with rich, creamy shea butter

Sleep TIme:

Smoke Eliminator: Lime and Lemon Zest with Herbal Cilantro.  Supposed to eat the smell of smoke and odors. 

Snow Witch:


South Beach:

South Pacific Waters:  Ocean, Sea Moss, Vetivert

Spiced Cranberry: Cranberry and White Spices.  This fragrance oil is not skin-safe.  Will only be added to home fragrance items.

Strawberry Preserves: Wonderful aroma of sweet ripened strawberries with notes of raw sugar cane.

Sugar Cookie Crunch:

Sun & Sand:  Blend of Salt Water, Sand, Sun Tan Lotion

Sun Ripened Raspberry:

Sunflower: Summery Sunflowers

Sweet Orange Chili Pepper:

Sweet Pea: Smells like the sweet pea flower. 

Sweet Pumpkin Spice:

Tahitian Waterfall:

Tangerine:  Smells like a fresh peeled tangerine.

Teakwood & Cardamom:  An exotic, masculine blend of teakwood surrounded by rich spices of cardamom, cinnamon, and clove; sitting on base notes of cedar, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli.

Tobacco Caramel Type:  Blend of Tobacco Blossom, Mandarin, Honey, Rose, Caramel Compared to: Fresh

Tobacco Cedar:

Tommy Hilfiger Type: Spicy, sweet, yet refreshing, lavender, amber fragrance. Tangy citrus, cranberry, blue grass, spearmint and lavender, apple and cinnamon.

Tranquil Oasis:   Pamper yourself with this luxury spa fragrance that soothes the senses and rejuvenates the soul. A refreshing blend of cool citrus notes of satsuma and verbena, followed by rich French jasmine petals and salty sea notes, and rounded out with exotic musk and oriental bamboo.

Tropical Spice:

Vanilla Almond:   Blend of Almond, Vanilla, Cinnamon

Vanilla Bean: Smells like a Vanilla Bean.

Vanilla Buttercream:

Vanilla Musk:  The rich aroma of creamy French vanilla with warm white musk.

Voodoo Love:

Warm Vanilla Sugar Type:  Blend of Brown Sugar, Vanilla, and Musk

White Tea and Ginger Type:   top notes of white tea, yuzu, lemon, bergamot, and ginger;  followed by middle notes of Earl Grey tea, rose, nutmeg, and geranium;  sitting on base notes of woods, musk, and berries.

Wild Wild West:  top notes of Tumble Weeds, Basil Leaves, and Tonka Beans; followed by middle notes of Brushed Suede, Earthy Patchouli, and Amber Stone; all sitting on manly base notes of Aged Saddle Leather, Red Cedar, and Full Musk.

Windsong Balsam Pine:  Blend of Blue Spruce and Balsam Fir


Winter Garden:  This fragrance will remind you of the fresh clean smell of winter air while walking down a snow-covered path.  This fragrance begins with top notes of fresh lime and menthol;  middle notes of Douglas fir and lavender;  with full-body base  notes of eucalyptus and pine. 

Woodland Elves:

Zen: Soft, delicate notes of fig, and green tea perfectly blended with Siberian fir round out the top and heart notes of this unique fragrance. A bit of Oriental notes of warm vanilla, jasmine and ylang ylang added for alluring depth.